Shades of Appaloosa

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Leopard: White Dalmatian Jasper (clarity, energy, loyalty, fun)

Blanket: Dalmatian Jasper (clarity, energy, loyalty, fun)

Snowcap: Zebra Jasper (creativity, stamina, confidence)

Light Snowflake: Red Goldstone (ambition, energy, courage, confidence)

Dark Snowflake: Blue Goldstone (ambition, energy, courage, confidence)

Bloody Shoulder: Red Picasso Jasper (perseverance, clarity, creativity)

Chestnut Blanket:  Orange Flame jasper (energy, clarity, prepared)


*Equi-Energy Gems bracelets are custom made to order so may take up to a week to ship out but usually ship within 48 hours.  You will be emailed a USPS tracking number.