Energy Gems Crystal Snowflake Bracelet

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The beauty of this handmade artisan Crackle Quartz Crystal Gemstone bracelet is enchanting!  What a wonderful holiday gift idea!  Features genuine crystal gemstones and quality stainless steel snowflake charm flanked by stainless steel beads.

Crackle Quartz Crystal holds the power of pure happiness and joy, bringing harmony and balance to the wearer.  It is known as the “stone of power” and is an excellent stone for meditation and channeling your spirit guides and angels.  Crackle Quartz Crystal brings promise of hope and renewed life, and it is a great stone for manifesting your heart’s desire. Powerful, happy energy explodes from the vibration of this crystal and it will amplify and harmonize any crystal you place next to it. It is also considered a “seeker transformer” which can help you find a new path, a new approach, or in any quest to gain that which we desire but do not yet possess.

I have coupled the Crackle Quartz Crystal with the snowflake.  A symbol of uniqueness and one of a kind individuality.  In nature, every snowflake is a beautiful work of art and no two are alike. I believe the snowflake symbol and the Crackle Quartz Gemstone can work together to help you create your very best and unique path to an amazing life.

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Every purchase is tagged with an inspirational card and comes with a delicate drawstring bracelet pouch and gift box.

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