Abundance Equi-Energy Gems Bracelet

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A very special mala bracelet that helps you stay on task with all the abundance that you seek in your life.  I wear mine along with my "shades' horse colors to remind me of all the goals that I have involving my farm as well as other aspects of my life. 

Gemstones are genuine Moss Agate. If you look closely, you will see what appears to be leaves, fern, moss and grass in your gemstones.

Moss Agate attracts wealth and abundance!   It is a stone of new beginnings…new habits….the release of fear.  It will help you to have positive energy full of optimism and creativity. 

The Moss Agate gemstone is like a cluster of Earth Energy.  It connects the wearer with the Earth, the trees the landscape. (The very trees that are used to make paper…dollars…the titles to your new house…your new car.  It’s OK to want these things.  Because you will be gracious and giving.  The Earth will benefit from your abundance.)

My trademark Power Pearl (which lays at your pulse point) tells us that the world is our oyster!  No matter what challenges come before us, we can transform them into something positive and beautiful!  Like the oyster that overcomes adversity to transform the sandy irritant into a beautiful pearl.  Nature’s masterpiece!!

You can order this special bracelet in choice of:

- 3 genuine 925 Sterling Silver beads or 

- 3 genuine 925 Sterling Silver beads and a Lava stone bead on either side of the freshwater pearl to add your favorite essential oils to diffuse at your pulse point.



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