Using Equi-Energy Gem "Triggers"

Your brain is more powerful than any computer and capable of processes so complex and detailed that they are almost impossible to fathom.  However, if you remember, in my research I found that it is actually impossible for our brain to multitask. Our brain can quickly shift back and forth but can only focus on one thought or task at a time.  Additionally, vision, despite being one of our five senses, takes precedence over the others when relying messages to the brain.  The amount of your brain area that is dedicated just to vision is truly a staggering amount compared to any other sensory areas. 

My Equi-Energy Gem Malas capitalize on these scientific facts along with classical Pavlovian conditioning to bombard our brain with our positive thoughts every time we glance down at our bracelet!  It may only be a nanosecond and it may be entirely subconscious, but our brain will be processing those positive nanosecond thoughts and wiring us for success on a continual basis thousands of times a day, all throughout the day when we are wearing our Equi-Energy Gems and the brain is receiving that visual “trigger”!  The ability to influence our mind in this way will have an enormous impact on our thoughts and ultimately manifesting our goals. 

First of all, we chose the gems that most closely resembles our horses coat color which will strongly associate (visually) our horse and goals to our brain.  The gems not only are powerful in their own right (ancient belief), but we have programmed our mind to make a connection between reaching our “riding goals” with that horse and the mere sight of the gems. (Read this if you did not.)

Secondly, no matter which silver embellishment you choose, that also creates a trigger for our positive thoughts.  (Be sure to read my article “Pavlov’s Dogs”)

- 925 Sterling Silver Horse Shoe embellished with tiny Cubic Zirconia

- 925 Sterling Silver Beads

- Antique Silver Pave Beads embellished with tiny Crystals

- Designer Antique Silver Pony Tail and Forelock Clasp

- Every bracelet features our trademark "Power Pearl".

Because the silver embellishments are a conditioned response trigger, you must program them by reading (and believing) the following for the various collections:

-“The horseshoe is the universal symbol for luck, but we know that it takes much more that luck to obtain our dreams and goals.  It takes knowledge, long hours and hard work and most importantly, the power of my positive mind to think positive thoughts and allow the abundance of the universe to manifest my goals.”

-“The sterling silver beads remind me of the beautiful trophies we will earn as our goals are reached.  I can see my reflection in the beads just as I will see my reflection in the trophies we will win.  One by one I will see my reflection as I get closer and closer to my ultimate goal being manifested by the abundance of the universe.”

-“The pave silver beads represent the road that the universe has paved for my success.  I will methodically travel that road one day at a time getting closer and closer until the abundance of the universe has manifested my ultimate goals.”

-“The designer pony tail clasp and forelock represents my whole horse.  We are as one.  I know what he (or she) is thinking and he hears when I whisper.  We are connected and through.  Together we are balanced and strong yet soft.  I will call upon my positive mind to think positive thoughts and allow the abundance of universe to manifest my ultimate goals.”

- “The Power Pearl rests over the pulse point at my wrist and represents a synchronizing heartbeat with my horse and my goals.  With every beat of my heart, it pulsates my pearl and through my Equi-Energy Gems as though it were breathing life into them.  My bracelet becomes an extension of my being.  My dreams and my goals take on a visual form as they travel from my mind to my Equi-Gems.  The energy from my Equi-Gems travel to my mind and reinforce my goals being manifested by the abundance of the universe.  The Power pearl reminds me that we can achieve great goals and create inner peace in our life though we may face adversity, just as the oyster creates its greatest work of art from an irritant.”

In summary, make sure you program your mind by reading and believing the above statements.  In this way, you train your mind for success.  Brainwave “entrainment” is precisely that – the ability to alter your brain to happiness, focus, creativity and other attributes that contribute to our power of positive thinking.  It is through the power of positive thinking that your goals can be achieved. Though it may sound an awful lot like magic, it is nothing more than science and technology.”