Short Term vs Long Term Goals.

What is the difference between short term and long term goals and which are most impactful to our riding?  Short term goals are goals that can be reached within a year (usually a week, or a month) and long term goals after that. Both are important for our riding success!  As a matter of fact, I wear two Equi-Energy Gem Malas together.  One to represent my short term goals and one to represent my longer ones.  Understanding how they work together and how you can leverage them to your Equi-Energy Gems Mala, will empower you to set and reach your riding goals. 

Shorter term goals for riding are usually set weekly and monthly. They are actionable pieces to a bigger puzzle.  They are effective and powerful because they focus on getting specific results in a shorter period of time. You are already clear as to how to accomplish your short term goal and just need to stay on task day to day. For instance..."My goal this week is to memorize my new dressage test and school my horse through the movements at home". "My goal this month is to introduce my horse to the water jump cross country and build his confidence to jumping in and out of the water".  

Longer term goals are an impactful "vision of the future".  You may not have all the answers as to how to get there yet, but you are confident  (with the help of your Equi-Energy Gems) that they will manifest. As time progresses and you achieve your shorter goals, the puzzle pieces come together to make that last piece easier to place. Coordinated with your short term goals which focus on getting results, your long term goals are your motivators to give the direction. I always say aim high...think big!  "My goal is to earn a National Championship with my horse"!  What are yours?

Because you should have both short and long range goals and aspirations, it is recommended to have two designated Equi-Energy Gem Malas.  It's helpful if they are at least slightly different in gem color or charm.  For instance, I use the rose grey (younger grey horse color) with the light grey (mature grey color) for my short and long term mala set respectively. When I glance at them, I think of both the short term "actionable piece" that I need to accomplish now as well as the motivational "vision of the future".  More so, my mind "registers" them as definite, achievable accomplishments.