Make it Happen in 2020 - Introduction

Make it Happen in 2020 - Introduction

Introduction to “Make it Happen in 2020”

The goal of this seminar is to give you a working plan to help you visualize an amazing future for your equestrian pursuits and set goals to achieve these dreams.  Let's get this in place for 2020!

How?  You will learn the framework to create goals and then I will teach you the practical skills to achieve them.

Why?  Goal setting is the number 1 secret to success.  Any successful person will assess to that!

Where will this take you?  You will have 10 goals that make you excited to leap out of bed every morning and you will have a plan of action to help you start achieving them.  Although this seminar is equestrian based, you can use this system for any of your life pursuits.

Equi-Energy Gems…how do they fit into all this?  When your mind is young and unencumbered, it is not hard to get caught up in “day dreaming” and visualizing the wonderful life that you desire to create for yourself.  However, the older we get, our mind gets bogged down with day to day life responsibilities that keep us from that visualization process for hours and days at a time!  Maybe we even fall prey to negative thoughts that are counterproductive to achieving our goals.  My Equi-Energy Gems are a reminder to our brain to subconsciously (without any effort on our part) run those positive visualizing “movies” over and over again in our mind’s eye.  The positive visuals that will lead to achieving our goals.  Read more about how they work here before going any further 

About this course:  I have had the privilege to work with Shark Tank “Sharks” Damon John and Robert Herjavec this past year in various courses and seminars.  This information is a hybrid of that wealth of information as well as my own experience and research from various sources, specifically Anthony Robbins and Napoleon Hill.  These ideas have changed the game for me and over the years I have created my own system for achieving my life goals.  Through my creation of Equi-Energy Gems and the compilation of these ideas, I am hoping to share this success with you as we work toward achieving our dreams.  Please join me on that journey! 


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