Mainifesting My Beautiful Horse farm

Mainifesting My Beautiful Horse farm

I’m going to tell you a personal story to demonstrate to you the power of your Equi-Energy Gems.  I have been fortunate enough to have ponies and horses since I was a young child.  In those days, we boarded our horses (self-care) at a farm not too far from our home.  Although it was close and the convenience allowed me to get there at least twice every day, it was not the amazing facility I longed for.  Like most young equestrians, I dreamed about owning my own horse farm someday.  Sound familiar?

One day I was hand grazing one of my horses which had become part of my daily routine because the farm did not offer pasture turn-out (unimaginable right??).  Every day that I spent my time on this ritual, I thought about how I could be doing something so much more productive with my time but knew in my heart that my horse was really benefiting from this.  As you can imagine, that hour was spent thinking about how awesome it would be once I owned my own farm and my horses could be turned out in beautiful fields every day.  I remember how I was mesmerized by the sight of them taking every bite of grass and imagining that I was on that beautiful farm.  Those promising thoughts helped me deal with the disparity of my current situation.  Little did I realize, is that those positive thoughts and daydream visions were also programing me to succeed in owning that beautiful farm!

One day as I was performing the hand grazing ritual with eyes fixated on every bite my horse was taking, I saw a glimmer in the grass and reached for it to avoid him ingesting something he shouldn’t.  It turned out to be an irregular fresh water pearl that someone probably lost years ago.  As a young girl, you can imagine that I felt like I found a treasure!  I examined it and rolled it around in my fingers to remove the dirt and truly appreciate my find.  I remember thinking in awe how pearls are made by oysters around an ugly old grain of sand which is an irritant to them.  Though it may take months and even years, they polish up that adversity until it no longer is a detriment.  They transform it into a beautiful, smooth pearl.  One of nature’s works of art!  I thought about how even though my boarding situation with my horses was an adverse one, I would be able to overcome that just like the oyster and have my own beautiful horse farm someday.  I clenched the pearl safely in fist and got lost in my usual thoughts about how grand and wonderful my farm would be and how content my horses would be freely eating that lush grass.

Later that night, I remembered the pearl in my pocket.  As I was always very artistic, I made myself a little bracelet with my treasured pearl.  I once again thought about how I would overcome my situation and one day have a beautiful horse farm just as the oyster created this amazing pearl through perseverance.  Now I realize that the pearl and that bracelet became a crucial piece of the puzzle in realizing that dream.

I got strangely attached to my new bracelet creation and started wearing it every day to school.  I did not realize the positive impact at the time, but every time I glanced at it throughout the day, my mind, consciously and subconsciously conjured up my beautiful horse farm because of the positive thoughts that my brain had connected it with.  (Read this article on Pavlov’s dogs!)  Long story short…years later…yes, my horse farm became a reality.  Was it luck?  Was it easy?  No and no!  But I firmly believe that the power of positive thinking and my brain that was programed for that success, kept me on track to obtain that huge goal through setbacks and adversity.

Most recently, in my research to replicate that success, I realized that the bracelet with the pearl had become my trigger!  A trigger to play that amazing “movie” over and over. That programed “movie” of me on that awesome horse farm, in my mind’s eye, empowered my brain to harness the limitless energy of the universe to manifest that goal! 

Thus the birth of Equi-Energy Gems.  A mala bracelet that combines the synergy of gemstones thought to have strong powers with the age old Pavlovian discovery of “triggers” and the amazing science of how your mind works with the universe to create the future you manifest for yourself.  Of course, every bracelet also has my trademark beautiful freshwater pearl which will be a powerful trigger for your success!