(III)  Using your Equi-Energy Gems

(III) Using your Equi-Energy Gems

Hopefully, you have read my two previous blog posts leading up to this one.  Maybe you are already formulating the best method to using the power of your Equi-Energy Gem Mala.  Although it will be an individual thing, let us go over some best methods.

-First of all, choose the gem color that best resonates with you when thinking about your horse. The horse that you would like to set goals and intentions for whether they be competitive goals, health goals or just that great partner connection!

-When you unpack your mala, sit in a quiet place and think about what those goals are.  What it would take to get there.  How wonderful you would feel once that goal is realized.  Really play out all the details in your mind.  Who will be there with you?  What is the weather that day?  What will you say or do to express your happiness in reaching your goal?  This is how you "program" your mala and program your brain to subconsciously think these positive thoughts when you glance down at your wrist.

-Meditate and recharge your mala often.  Hold it in your hands and look at it while you replay your minds video of reaching that goal. Add more details to your minds story. The touch sensation and the visual imprint become the "trigger" for your brain to continually and subconsciously play our video of success.  This is how to harness the limitless energy of the universe to manifest your dream!

-Wear your Equi-Energy Gems every day and as much as possible.  Of course, we do not recommend riding in them (as it's unsafe to ride in any jewelry) or allowing them to get wet.  

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