(I)  Introduction to Equi-Energy Gems

(I) Introduction to Equi-Energy Gems

Mala beads have been used for centuries as a meditation tool in Buddhism and Hinduism culture.  More recently, they have been incorporated into the practice of yoga. The beads are used to keep track of the number of mantras (a word or phrase to express a belief or intention) chanted as you work your way around the bracelet. Traditionally, mantra count would be 7, 21, 27 or 108 at one sitting. The malas can be made of various round beads but the those considered the most powerful are made with a variety of natural gemstones which are unique and thought to have various "energy properties" according to ancient belief. 

I have incorporated all these same powerful gemstones in the Equi-Energy Gem Mala Bracelets. Furthermore, I have researched over a year to select the most powerful gemstones in the coat color of your horse!

My Equi-Energy Gems integrate even more scientific and influential principles (as I will detail), but the traditional use of a mala would be to:

- Sit in a quiet place in legs crossed position. 

- Close your eyes and begin to breath deeply as you prepare to concentrate on your mantra (for example: "I will become a more confident rider".)

- Drape the mala over your right hand and place your thumb on the guru bead to begin reciting your mantra. (our forelock clasp, main silver bead or horseshoe is our guru).

- Push the guru away with your thumb and move to the first bead after you say your mantra.  

- Say your mantra at each bead until you work your way to the last one (our last is the pony tail clasp or last bead before the main silver bead or horseshoe). That gives you your set of mantras.

- Should you wish to do another set of mantras, it is customary to start at the last (pony tail clasp, or last bead before the main bead or horseshoe) and work your way back to the guru (forelock, main bead or horseshoe).


Traditionally, one would choose their mala bracelet based on the energy of the gems and the appearance that resonated with their personal taste.  I have taken our Equi-Energy malas to another level because we are all busy equestrians.  By choosing your mala based on your horse's coat color, you "wire" and "program" your brain to connect the sight symbolism of your bracelet as a "trigger" to play that mind's eye movie of your intentions and riding goals. This is a powerful tool as you are hitting your brain with your intentions every time you glance down at your wrist!  If you have time to sit and meditate that's great!  Some days you will.  However, every minute of everyday that you simply wear your Equi-Energy Gems, you can be programing your mind with the power of positive thinking.  

Are you ready to live your wildest dreams??  Please read my next two blog posts (here) to understand how to program and empower your brain to harness the limitless energy of the universe to manifest your goals using your Equi-Energy Gems. 

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